About Us

One Stop Tax and Accounting Shop!


We all know taxes can be painful - filing your income taxes, paying your business taxes, keeping up with law changes and due dates - it can be chaos! Let us help!

How can TaxSmith help YOU?


Our services include:

- Business and personal income tax preparation with e-filing options

- Payroll, sales, and product tax compliance (multi-state and federal)

- Bookkeeping

Why TaxSmith?


With over 14 years experience in multi-state taxation, we have the knowledge and  determination you and your business need to be successful and stay fully compliant with all taxing jurisdictions. We want to make sure that people and businesses only pay what they owe - no more, no less!

We are a family owned business and treat our customers like family. We'd be honored to have a chance to earn your trust and show you how we can serve you!


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